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HR manager
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1. Responsible for the comprehensive management of recruitment, training, employee induction, turnover and turnover.

2. To manage staff attendance, rewards and punishments, and welfare, and to supervise the implementation of various departments'rewards and punishments;

3, improve, improve and supervise the implementation of the company's assessment system and norms;

4, do a good job in corporate culture related work;

5. Other work arranged by company leaders.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in human resources.

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, dedication, excellent communication skills, patience, care, and rigorous logical thinking ability.

3. Proficiency in office software, familiarity with human resources system and understanding of labor contract law and related personnel policies and regulations;

4. Good team spirit, good morality, affinity, strong judgment and decision-making ability, planning and coordination ability, organizational and public relations ability;

5. Have some experience in human resource management or enterprise management, and can independently formulate performance appraisal plans and carry out systems and processes;


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